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In today’s competitive & agile market, companies need strong & visionary leaders to inspire the human capital, to engage them with highly aspiring business goals & to lead the whole organizations on the path of success through all ups and downs.
In any country, organization, and community, Leadership is the biggest tool which plays an important role to lead the people for the intended goal.

Our Leadership Training Programs are covering best training programs which are essential to develop leadership skills in individual, executives, top management & business owners.  Leadership Training programs include such as coaching skills for managers and leaders, Leadership Excellence for executives, Feminine power in corporate leadership, effective leadership skills, next-gen leadership, situational & transformational leadership, etc.
In these Leadership development programs, participants will be able to explore completely new perspective towards leadership & how it can be applied into their personal and professional areas to lead themselves first and then other people in their team and organization.

Every company is looking forward to effective leadership because it is the leadership in the form of a captain who directs the ship successfully in the tides of competition & uncertainties.

IGNITEDDREAM conducts many leadership workshops which focus on specific leadership skills such as decision making, Leading people, effective delegation, strategy planning & execution, Team building, employee   Motivating and inspiring people, risk-taking, conflict management, coaching and mentoring skills, stimulating creativity, etc.

In the leadership development workshop, we promote group activities in which participants are engaged with numerous assignments which help them to enhance their perspectives & deep understanding of leadership. With assessment tools, templates, sample plans, & other instructional tools these leadership development programs & workshops ensure that participants must be able to apply this knowledge in their respective areas to lead the people and the whole organization.

IGNITEDDREAM’s Leadership development programs and workshops provide learning opportunities to participants in various areas such as their leadership skill enhancement, emotional intelligence, decision-making capabilities, powerful communication, coaching and mentoring skills, task delegation, team building, conflict management, and  diversity management, etc

We can learn the different leadership styles from our history:

- Martin Luther King, Jr.

When America was facing racial inequality & human rights, people of America found great strength in the leadership of Martin Luther King Jr.

- Nelson Mandela

People of South Africa fought for their basic rights under the powerful leadership of Nelson Mandela.

- Satya Nadela

When Microsoft was losing its shine & moving towards its end against their other IT giants, Satya Nadela emerged as a visionary & transforming leader who motivated the employees, regained the faith of clients & completely revived Microsoft from its death bed.

- Vineet Nayar

Leadership of Vineet Nayar transformed HCL Company into one of the fastest-growing and profitable global IT services company.

Some Of The Flagship Leadership Programs Are Listed Below :

  • Leadership Excellence For Top Management & Executive

  • Leading People In Digital Era

  • Nextgen Leadership

  • Feminine Power In Corporate Leadership

  • Mindful & Situational Leadership

  • DNA Of Transformational Leadership

  • Succession Planning

  • Leadership, Team Building & Coaching Skills For Managers & Supervisors

*Many more programs can be developed as per your requirements.


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    Contains powerful and effective training programs in different areas of Leadership & management for overall development of people, businesses & corporates.

    Are meant to ignite the inner & latent drive in every individual which can incredibly transform the people & thus they leverage their fullest potential.

    Are dedicated to students & youth to ignite & prepare them well before entering in real world so that they can explore myriad opportunities & excel in them.