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Persuading People Online: How To Effectively Influence People Through Social Media

We all use social media to connect with people, but we fail to realise that it is a powerful medium that you can use to influence people and convince them of what you believe in. Social Media gives you a lot of scope to interact with people and influence them to do your bidding. Influencing people on Social Media is a long process, but it is very effective. I can say this from my own experience on Twitter and on Facebook. Here are a few ways on how one can use Social Media to win followers and influence people online.

  1. Be Likeable: Being likeable is not about getting more likes or followers, instead it is about getting people to like you and talk about you. Be warn and personable, and interact with people as you would at a friendly gathering. Be polite, do not try to lose your cool online. If you come across some information that a person might need, do share it with them!
  1. Be authoritative, highlight your achievements: To be authoritative on Social Media, you must showcase your expertise and highlight your achievements. If you have had an article published in popular or renowned publications, share them on your account. If you have dabbled with something that is considered a niche skill in the industry, do share it and you will be recognised as an expert in the skill,
  1. Be scarce but available: When it comes to spending time online, more isn’t necessarily better to influence people. Limit your interaction online and time your interactions. I know of a friend who observed that most of his friend circle becomes active on Facebook between 9:30 pm and 10:30 pm, hence he used to post or change profile pictures only in that time period. However, do make sure you are also totally available in that limited period of time., in order to make your engagement more successful.
  1. Two-Way Communication: Social Media communication cannot be a one-way ticket. You cannot post stuff and move on. You need to engage with people, who reply to your posts, in a effective manner. If you ignore their messages, it simply gives out a signal that you do not value those who engage with you, and eventually they will ignore you in return. I have also noticed that people tend to reply to positive messages while ignoring negative messages. Ignoring the latter signifies your lack of interest in addressing those who disagree with you, which limits your scope of interaction and learning.